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[IPn] Another Dollar for Dollar Challenge

Michael is out of town, but I happen to know that there is going to be a $100 Challenge Pledge from a company in Texas.  This is a time for Texans to stand up and support 
the Insulin-Pumpers website!   Can you meet this challenge in record time??   


Now, I'm not saying that non-Texans don't or shouldn't support this website. The truth of the matter is that this site helps people World wide in dealing with Diabetes and 
making a success of Insulin Pumping.  Your continued support is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for this website to continue.  A yearly contribution of $10 would be a 
modest repayment for the Help that you may have received by being a member here.  I know that many of you could not even afford this, so I want those of you who CAN 
afford more to please help pick up the slack for those that aren't as "financially endowed"!      :>)  

Please, please, please Help us to continue this website and all the wonderful things that it does, not only for our diabetes, but for the "karma" of us all being as one!   We're 
in this together folks, let's all Help out!  


George Lovelace  
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org