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Re: [IPk] End of the pump dream?

Pat wrote: "My un-favourite British term is 'bm' meaning 'blood glucose 

Every time I read "bm" I think "bowel movement" and have to correct myself!  
(Julian, your posts always give me pause ;) )

I'm used to "bg" for "blood glucose" (as I'm sure y'all who've been putting 
up with me for a while have gathered).  The most awkward abbreviation I've 
encountered is "smbg" for "self-monitoring[/monitored] blood glucose," used 
in articles I've seen about testing compliance.

For my part, I wish we all used either mmol/L or mg/dl.  I have managed to 
learn to estimate dollar-pound conversions (and vice-versa), but I am still 
trying to get the hang of mmol/L.  Maybe I'll be thinking in mg/dl and using 
on-line conversion calculators forever....

IDDM 8 years; MiniMed pumper 5.5 years; American 20.8 years; cumulative time 
in England 13 months

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