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Re: [IPk] pen vs syringe

>I find it hard to believe that someone would omit insulin or opt to stay on a
>regimen that gave them worse control because they would otherwise have to
>perfrom more injections with a syringe.

Hi Abi -

I was in Warwick on Tuesday doing a concert, and I got chatting to a woman
who was chaperoning 3 school girls also in the concert. Turns out she was a
doctor. She'd served her time as a GP in a run-down London suburb for many
years, but was now in private practice up in Warwick. She observed that the
majority of people with Type 1 diabetes at her London surgery had also been
illegal drug users - heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc. Their primary concern
was getting their next drug hit, not their next insulin injection. In these
situations, she said, it was extremely tough as you can't lock someone away
for not taking their insulin.

There are a variety of ways of controling Type 1 diabetes, but she observed
that the outcome of diabetes treatment is very closely linked to your IQ.

How long do people here spend managing their diabetes each day? I read in a
medical journal recently an average figure of 20 minutes a day. Does that
sound reasonable? No doubt some spend a lot less, while others spend a lot


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