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[IPk] pen vs syringe

In a diabetes textbook ( I think one of the authors is Pickup)
it actually states that pens aid compliance with intensified insulin therapy.
I find it hard to believe that someone would omit insulin or opt to stay on a
regimen that gave them worse control because they would otherwise have to
perfrom more injections with a syringe.
I always found the main inconveniance with injections using either method was
the instability of my blood glucose levels
I prefer a pen  but lost patience and went back to syringes even after CP
pharnaceuticals started manufacturing porcine insulin in cartridges as my
isulatard pen did not seem to be working, which I discovered after a series of
very high BG readings.The reason for this was that I had been given very
narrow needles which became blocked with NPH

No one had thought to warn me of this . I decided I would prefer the
inconvenience of syringes rather than the inconveniance of deteriorating
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