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Re: [IPk] End of the pump dream?

> Hi Paul
> what is Novolog? and what difference does it make?
> thanks

Novolog is the brand name used in the US for the insulin analog 
marketed in the EU under the brand name Novo-Rapid

Because both Humalog and Novlog aka NovoRapid are not true insulins, 
some people have side effects when they use one or the other. I've 
never heard of anyone that could not use one or the other of them.

The data IP has collected shows about 6% of pumpers have some kind of 
reaction to Humalog. There is not yet enough data on Novolog to cite 
a figure, but there are a few people so far that have cited similar 
problems with Novolog. In all instances, the "other" insulin analog 
works fine for the people with problems. The usual problems are 
infusion site malfunction within 36-48 hours, redness of the site 
(not infection), poor control with lots of unexplained highs -- 
particularly on the 2nd day after changing the set, etc...
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