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[IPk] Update

Thanks very much for all your messages of support. Just thought I would
give you an update and also clarify va few points.

Firstly, I do have an experienced team (I'm at Kings in London - they 
have over 40 patients on pumps) The reason I had to come off the pump 
is because it raises the risks for DKA anyway. Because I was pretty 
much not responding to Humalog at all (either vai the pump or by 
injection) my team felt it would be dangerous to leave me on the pump 
and just Humalog when I was already acidotic. At least on MDI I have 
greater depots of Humalog and also background Insulatard - and these 
seemed to stop things getting too out of control yesterday.

I have wondered whether a change of insulin would work, but may not be 
necessary now - I'll explain why in a mo.

Also, as for pump problems, I've left the pump at the hospital (it is 
theirs anyway, not my own) and they are checking it out, but we had 
checked it and tried different sites etc quite exhaustively, all to no 
avail. I am pretty convinced it was not a pump, equipment or site 
problem because even injections were failing to bring my sugars down. A
couple of you have suggested absorption problems, which my team had 
aslo mentioned, but again the problem remained with injections done in 
thighs arms and abdo.

And, I definately will be trying the pump again some time. I know it 
would be stupid to give up so quickly, I was just so frustrated with 
the whole thing....

Anyway, an update on whats been going on. My readings remained high all
day yesterday, until about 10.30 vin the evening when I had a massive 
hypo. Thankfully I wasn't on my own as I ended up unconcious requiring 
glucagon. The strange thing was, my blood sugar at 9pm was over 18, by 
10pm it had fallen to 5. My friends found me in the kitchen at 10.30 
having broken a glass but continuing to try and pour lucoozade into it 
anyway!! This morning blood sugars are steadily rising again, despite 
giving fairly large amounts of insulin, so doesn't look like I'm out of
the woods yet.

I'll let you know what happens....

IDDM 18+yrs, unsure of pump status
Caroline Batistoni
email @ redacted
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