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Re: [IPk] End of the pump dream?


I had very similar problems as yours when I first started the pump and I did 
go of the pump for a while and back to injections , because I was so 
discussed.  But whatever you do don't send the pump back HOLD ON TO IT. 
Someone gave me this advice and I'm glad they did. I took some time off and 
looked over my records, Make some adjustments (basal) and tried again. I'm 
glad I did, because it was much better the second time. You may want to try a 
different insulin like Novolog, it has worked well for me. I was on animal 
insulin for 40 years and Humalog didn't work for me. I even used Pork insulin 
in my pump for a while. Try getting aggressive with your basal rates.There 
are guide lines for basal rates in John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin".  Also 
make sure you haven't over tighten the connection of the tubing to your pump. 
This can cause very small leaks that are hard to detect and cause problems 
like you were experiencing. You shouldn't be able to smell insulin at this 
connection. If the basal's are not right or are not being delivered properly 
you will get problems like yours. Hope things get better for you

Paul Stone
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