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[IPk] End of the pump dream?

After just two weeks on a pump, its all come crashing down around me. I ended
up in hospital on the brink of full blown DKA.Don't ask me how this happened,
as I, and my consultant and his registrar and my DSN all have no idea. All I
know is that my blood sugars have not dropped beow 15 since Saturday, and I've
had ketones for most of that time. This was despite running huge basal rates,
taking boluses of up to 15 units at a time - both through syringe and pump,
checking the pump out for problems and changing the infusion set several
times. I'm not even ill!

Obviously they've had to take me off the pump. The only bright thing is, it
could well be nothing to do with pumping so I should be able to give it
another go. My sugars are still running in the 20's - they only let me leave
hospital because I have a genuine phobia about being an in-patient (I know its

Everyone else on this list has such glowing things to say about their pumps,
and to say I'm more that a little bit disappointed would be an understatement.
Anyone else had problems like this?

IDDM 18+ years, now ex-pumper.
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