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Re: [IPk] Anyone who use the D-Tron

On Thu, 31 May 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Di
> I think you are taking this to the extreme.
> Prefilled 1.5 ml cartridges are only just being phased out after 15 years 
> in favour of 3 ml ones plus the refillable cartridges are made by 
> Disteronic so I don't see that it would be a problem.
> Steven

Well, there are people who have kept the same pump for 10+ years....
Just because the 1.5ml cartridges were used for 15 years before they were
phased out doesn't mean the 3ml ones will also be supplied for 15 years.

Lilly could very well decide to implement something new. It doesn't matter to
them if Disetronic users have to upgrade to the latest model as a result....

It's not a problem now, but it's a potential problem in the future.
I think having pre-filled cartridges is great - saves a lot of fiddling - but
it's not as futureproof as having refillable ones. That's a risk you take.
A small one maybe, but still a risk.

 I will now have to get hold
of new pens if I want to continue using a pen as a backup, because all my pens
take 1.5ml cartridges. OK, so I can probably get the pens free, but pumps aren't
free yet. 
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