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[IPk] Re: changes since the pump

I have now been re-pumping for 6 months and initially found great
dificulty in finding the right set but always came back to the silhouette
because at least it stayed in. I now find I can get it to last aweek with
no ill effect I dont get infections I am aware of thse as I had dreadful
ones with my old pump. This is because I am self funding and want to make
them last as long as possible and save xosts so bear with it Pat  itb
wiil come Ol in the  end it takes time Carmel

>From: Pat Reynolds <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: Re:
Sticky button syndrome was RE: [IPk] THANKS IRIS >Date: Tue, 29 May 2001
22:42:31 +0100 > >In message <L03130314B73946A629F0@[]>,
John Neale ><email @ redacted> writes > >>But surely a penfil
doesn't have enough insulin in it to fill a syringe > >>and have enough
left over to use in emergencies? > > > >Pat - I'm not suggesting you
refill your pump from a penfill cartridge. I'm > >suggesting you keep the
penfill cartridge with you in case your pump breaks > >down - and you've
got 6 hours left till you go home (where all your backup > >MDI equipment
is quietly waiting in the fridge). > >I'm too disorganized to do more
than, when the insulin bottle gets low, >instead of throwing it away,
taking it downstairs, putting it into my >kit, and throwing away the
bottle in the kit. If I have to remember to >change the penfil cartridge,
I won't. > >I rarely have less than 18 hrs of insulin in the reservoir -
and when I >do it's always more than 12 hrs, and going overnight. I don't
use much >insulin (25-35 units a day, depending on lots of things). > > >
>I personally would never leave the house in the morning if I didn't have
> >enough insulin in my pump cartridge to see me through till I got home.
> >Insulin usage is fairly predictable - I use between 30 and 40 units a
day. > >Flip the door open and if there are less than 20 units left, I do
a refill. > >(As Di pointed out, with a detachable infusion set, there's
no need to > >change the infusion set at the same time) > > > >What else
do you carry around with you? In addition to a packet of glucose >
>tablets, my bg meter (Bayer Esprit/Dex), a finger pricker (Bayer >
>SoftTouch), a tub for old bloody test strips, a bit of tissue paper, a >
>spare disk of test strips, a spare infusion set (Tenders/Silhouettes are
> >*much* smaller than SofSets) - that's about it for a day at work. > >
>The softsets, as you say, are much bigger. I take two reservois, as
>experience has taught me that I do stupid things occasionally, like
>dropping them, having the needle fall off before filling, that kind of
>thing ... I wish I could use silhouettes, but I'm too scared (having had
>one agonizing experience, and one where I honestly had got to the point
>where I thought 'if I can't get it out now, I'm going to have to call an
>ambulance'. > >I also have a spare soft-serter (at first, I was relying
on being able >to manually insert in an emergency. > >I don't have the
organization to ensure that I won't leave the main >soft-serter behind. >
>I also take a tub of ketone sticks. A bottle of control solution. Spare
>batteries for pump. Spare battery for meter. Usually a spare tub of
>test sticks, because I go through so many of the things. > >I have a
profile meter at the moment, but I'm about to start my >penultimate
bottle of sticks, and then start with the pocketscan. Memo >to self: must
get the cable adapter ... > >Best wishes > >Pat > >dm 30+, 508 1month+,
disorganized for as long as she can remember > > >-- >Pat Reynolds
>email @ redacted > "It might look a bit messy now, but just you
come back in 500 years time" > (T. Pratchett)
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