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RE: [IPk] pump refilling

>I was told DON'T change the reservoir without changing the set.  Also to
change the set every two days  or two + days (i.e. morning to evening or
vice versa).

Hi Pat -

There's a difference between what the companies and staff have to tell you
and what you can actually do. It's a bit like eating something past the
sell-by date. Often the food is perfectly fine, but the shops just can't
sell it beyond that date. (We once got 800 extra points in Superquinn
supermarket for finding out of date soya yogurts on their shelf, which they

I use my reservoirs two, possibly three times before binning them, and I
very rarely change my set at the same time. Yes, there would be a higher
risk of infection than using them singly, as indicated, but judge by your
opwn preferences and how your body responds. If I started having infections,
I would definitely do single use. But I don't, so I stretch them as far as I
can because whether I'm paying for them directly or through my taxes, they
still cost a lot of money and to the environment.

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