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Hi Carol

Just to clarify, the Disetronic pump only beeps to alert you to alarms, or
if you have put the pump into stop mode for some reason and interupted the
delivery of insulin.

Kind regards

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Date: 29 May 2001 21:28
Subject: Re: [IPk] DEAD PUMPS

>Hello again Elizabeth
>Naomi spoke to Ray today and he has arranged to send a replacement pump. So
>everything is ok now.
>There has been some comments on the list regarding the clicking of the
>mini-med, to be honest without the said clicking we would not have known
>whether or not Naomi was still getting her insulin last Saturday, we have
>found it to be a very reassuring sound indeed. And if I remember correctly
>the Disetronic makes an even worse beeping sound which drove us to
>distraction when Naomi had a trial on one early last year, i also have to
>that when Naomi's pump clicks the sound is not that noticable to anyone
>Once again thanks for your help/advice.
>kind regards
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