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Re: [IPk] Re: Clicking on minimed pump

>  I have never had anybody tell me that they could here me clicking! The only 
> person that hears it is my husband, and that is when we are in bed and all is 
> silent!  At least we should be thankful that our minimed pumps do not beep 
> constantly when delivering a bolus.  The disetronic pumps do and it must be 
> terribly annoying.  Throughout the 6 years of having my pump, I have never 
> been asked by another person what the clicking is?!

I think it's one of those things that you're very conscious of because you know
what it is (especially if it's your chest that is clicking!) but probably noone
else would ever notice, unless you're in a REALLY quiet environment  or when
people are specifically listening to something. Like I always think people can
see a strange bulge in my bra, but 99% of the time they can't, unless it slips
awkwardly! I can see it, because I know it's there, and because I'm looking
specifically for it, but noone else ever notices.
Anyway, even if they can hear it, there's very few occasions when it would
matter that they CAN hear it!
If anyone asks me why I'm beeping, I tell them if I want to, or I invent
something  if I don't want to!
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