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Re: [IPk] pump refilling

> I'm not organized enough for that ... I always forget to replace the
> 'emergency' #10 note in my credit cards, to change the batteries in my
> pocket torch, and so on.

I always forget to replace the cartridge too (shhh, don't tell anyone!)

> I was told DON'T change the reservoir without changing the set. 

It's completely fine to change the reservoir independently of the set, as long
as you're using detachable infusion sets.Just disconnect, detach and refill the
reservoir, change the tubing or reattach the old one (I change my tubing every
other refill), make sure the insulin's coming out of the end, stick it in the
pump and prime, and away you go. It's a  perfectly safe thing to do, and svaes
the hassle of refilling more times than you need to. It also means that a set
change can take a lot less time.

  Also to
> change the set every two days  or two + days (i.e. morning to evening or
> vice versa). 

yes, the standard advice is not more than 3 days, but it's an individual thing.
The longer you leave it in, the more risk of nasty things happening, but some
people seem to have a greater tolerance than others. At the beginning 2 days
was about the max with Sofsets, and 3 days with Silhouettes, but my body seems
to have got more used to them now, and I can easily last 5 days with no illl 
effects (though I usually change about every 4 days on average). In fact, I
usually change because it's coming unstuck rather than because it hurts!

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