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Re: [IPk] Bg Meters

Concerning the consistency/accuracy of test results:  I've been advised that
even the best meters have a +/-5% to +/-7% range for accuracy.  If your
results from finger-to-finger in the same 5 mins. are within that range
overall, I've been told that's okay.  Putting what's truly a percentage of
body fluids (your bg being diluted sugar floating around in your blood) into
X.Y (UK and EUR) and XYZ (US) figures is not going to get you absolute
accuracy.  As Heraclitus said, "One never steps in the same river twice."  The
"precision" of the numbers is comforting when we want to see diabetes
management as a science, but it really is more like an art.  I don't mean to
"diss" bg measuring--for crying out loud, it's saved the lives of most of us
on this listserv and it's awesome--but it's not like reading a mercury
thermometer at a weather station.

Personally, using the US mg/dl measurement, I've seen the gap between test
results increase the higher my BG is (the way percentage-based margins of
error are wont to do).  Example: if I'm 120 (v. good) one minute, I might be
128 the next (still v. good), but if I'm 360 (gaaaah!!) one min., I could be
340 the next (still gaaaaah!!).  BUT for me, that difference of 20 mg/dl means
taking or not taking .5 u of insulin.  So I often bolus conservatively when v.
high and when I get down to a high "normal"--like 140 mg/dl--I take 1 more
unit of insulin (my ratio is about 30 mg/dl above 100mg/dl : 1 u Humalog) and

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