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Re: Sticky button syndrome was RE: [IPk] THANKS IRIS

> I personally would never leave the house in the morning if I didn't have
> enough insulin in my pump cartridge to see me through till I got home.

I wouldn't either, except as I was leaving the house this morning it occurred
to me that I might not have much insulin left in the reservoir. Checked and
dofound about 20 units left. That should be enough to last 12  hours, but I
find I often get high Bgs when I'm near the bottom of the reservoir, so I try
to refill when I have less than 50 units left. But I was in a hurry, so I
grabbed my insulin vial and came to work. Which reminds me, I still haven't

> What do others take? About a month after I started on the pump I remember
> going away for a week at very short notice (like about 2 hours) and took an
> extra suitcase with all my pump stuff! (I was on SofSets at the time) Since
> then I've cut back a little.

I have an "emergency kit" (pencil case) which contains a spare Esprit strip, a
syringe, a Humalog cartridge, a spare infusion set and half a pack of glucose
tabs. That goes everywhere with me unless I'm only going out for a few minutes.

In my bag for work  (or wherever) I make sure before I leave the house I have at
least half a pack of glucose tabs, a spare Esprit disk (the on e I would
actually use - the other one is an emergency one in case I've forgotten the
spare, ditto for the glucose tabs), my Esprit meter and finger pricker.  
That's all, unless I'm going away for the night or longer, in which case I'd
add more of whatever was relevant, plus a cartridge of Insulatard.

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