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Re: [IPk] Bg Meters

> I did 7 tests in quick succession from 2 finger pricks - 4 on my right
> forefinger, 3 on my left thumb
> 6.2, 6.0, 5.9, 5.8
> 5.2, 4.9, 5.3
> Hmmm... that looks to be less consistent than I was expecting. Could
> someone else try out their meter and see what they get?

John, that looks to me completely normal. You will always get some variation,
due to factors beyond my scientific understanding.

I've also found that the higher the BG, the less consistent the readings. When
you get up into the teens, ou can expect a variation of up to about 2 mmol/l.
If I get an unexpectedly high reading, I sometimes doublecheck.
Or even triplecheck.

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