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Re: Sticky button syndrome was RE: [IPk] THANKS IRIS

>But surely a penfil doesn't have enough insulin in it to fill a syringe
>and have enough left over to use in emergencies?

Pat - I'm not suggesting you refill your pump from a penfill cartridge. I'm
suggesting you keep the penfill cartridge with you in case your pump breaks
down - and you've got 6 hours left till you go home (where all your backup
MDI equipment is quietly waiting in the fridge).

I personally would never leave the house in the morning if I didn't have
enough insulin in my pump cartridge to see me through till I got home.
Insulin usage is fairly predictable - I use between 30 and 40 units a day.
Flip the door open and if there are less than 20 units left, I do a refill.
(As Di pointed out, with a detachable infusion set, there's no need to
change the infusion set at the same time)

What else do you carry around with you? In addition to a packet of glucose
tablets, my bg meter (Bayer Esprit/Dex), a finger pricker (Bayer
SoftTouch), a tub for old bloody test strips, a bit of tissue paper, a
spare disk of test strips, a spare infusion set (Tenders/Silhouettes are
*much* smaller than SofSets) - that's about it for a day at work.

Some might take 2 spare infusion sets, just in case you have to change and
the change goes wrong (bleeds or something). But that has never happened to
me and I guess I could go to manual injection till I got home.

If I were away for a few days, I'd start with a full pump. I'd take a
bottle of Humalog and a cartridge just in case. I'd add several infusion
sets, some more test strips... and that's about it.

What do others take? About a month after I started on the pump I remember
going away for a week at very short notice (like about 2 hours) and took an
extra suitcase with all my pump stuff! (I was on SofSets at the time) Since
then I've cut back a little.


PS You can actually refill a pump from a 3ml Penfill cartridge - but we'll
leave that for another day :-)

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