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[IPk] pump refilling

On Mon, 28 May 2001, you wrote:
> But surely a penfil doesn't have enough insulin in it to fill a syringe
> and have enough left over to use in emergencies?

Ah, no, what I meant was to use a vial normally, and a penfill as the spare.
Then every so often, use the spare in your pump and replace it. The penfill
just gets carried around for emergencies, and the vial stays at home.

 > I am probably
getting confused!  (Bg 7.7, worry not about the > confusion!)  I thought a
penfil had 100 units - and I put 110 units into > the pump - i.e. enough for
priming and three days with banquets each > evening.  If I change the set after
two days, and eat normally, and > don't have an infection, I end up throwing 50
or so units away.  I'm the > kind of person who fills her car up when it gets to
quarter tank.  My > husband fills it when the light comes on.  So I could just
use a > penfill.

I only half fill the reservoir (using the widget thingy), because when I put
the pump in my bra, I don't like having the sticky out bit sticking into me!
A cartridge fills half a reservoir. I use about 40 units a day on average, so I
refill about every 3 days (though it doesn't usually coincide with a set
change, because that's more random - anything from 2-6 days). you do know you
don't HAVE to refill at the same time as changing the set, don't you? Unless
you're using non-detachable sets of course. But I'm guessing you do both at
once so you don't forget to refill.....

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