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Hi Carol -

That's a horrible story! AMT will volunteer a replacement pump as soon as
you explain - or at least they should, because that would be Minimed policy.
When I had my first sticky button incident (in Logan airport in Boston), I
rang the US helpline who asked me did I have spare insulin and syringes with
me, and then advised me to contact my representative as soon as I got home.
They would provide a replacement and send the funny pump for testing. And
this all happened very quickly once I got off the plane.

Glad to hear you're coping, anyway. I think it is important to ring the
manufacturer or their rep as soon as something strange happens with the
pump. And if you're really stuck, you can always ring the Minimed 24 hour
helpdesk in the US. It's an international call, but if you want an answer it
may well be worth it.

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