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[IPk] Treating hypos

Many thanks for this John!

I hadn't bothered to re-do the sum since starting the pump - on H my 
carb/insulin ration was 12, and 1 unit would lower 3.3 - so 15g of CHO
raised me by 4 or so.

I _seem_ to be settling down to a c/i of 10 (or 12.5 in the evenings),
and my lowering rate is 5 - so 15g of CHO at 3.5 will take me to 10.5 -
which is what I observe.

That said, I've had a couple of hypos where 15g has raised me to the
high 4s (when I took another 15g ... I must worry about those!  And I'll
try 3 tablets rather than 5 for a couple of times, and see if that works

Best wishes,


In message <l03130302b7383429c7ff@[]>, John Neale
<email @ redacted> writes
>>I wonder if the highs are at least partially rebounds or overtreatments?
>>I am dutifully treating hypos with 15g of detrose, but am wondering if
>>this is too much ... often I go from 3 to over 10.  This is with no
>>other food.
>Pat -
>A useful sum:
>If you take you carb/insulin ratio. Say, 15g per unit
>And your insulin sensitivity. Say 2.5 mmol/L per unit
>and put the 2 together, it tells you that
>15g glucose raises your bg by 2.5 mmol/L
>If you go way higher than that, then it is your own body that is producing
>anti-hypo hormones. (Glucagon possibly, adrenaline, noradrenaline, growth
>hormone etc. To a certain extent these all decrease your sensitivity to
>insulin, and make your bg rise, but this may be very slow, so you should
>*always* treat a hypo first with glucose/fast acting carb)
>If that doesn't cure the hypo, then whatever was causing it in the first
>place is still lowering your bg, and you should treat again as necessary.
>If I have had, say, a long mild nighttime hypo, and have a hypo hangover, I
>find my insulin requirement may be increased for the next 12 hours. I may
>up my basal rate by 50%, and check my bg regularly. That's what works for
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