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Dear Elizabeth
thanks for your reply yesterday, since i last sent a mail things have gone 
from bad to worse, we managed to ascertain that at least Naomi was getting 
her basals and then suddenley for no reason at all her pump has completely 
died, we have never had an error message or anything throughout the weekend 
even though it has played up since saturday morning, i wish it had been a 
case of sticky buttons we would have been satisfied with that, but if you 
tried to touch any of the buttons the screen filled up with loads of numbers 
then went off, this happened if you just very lightly put your fingers over 
where the buttons are, and also if you gently rocked the pump in your hand it 
went to sleep, (empty screen no sign of life).
part of the problem has been our fault bacause the only insulin we had was 
mixtard 50 and humalog, we at least now will get some insulatard or something 
like that. what i am most concerned about is the fact that only a few weeks 
ago the pump had a fit and went wobbly, i think i will be approaching amt for 
a complete replacement pump now as we no longer trust this one.
Having said all this we would not ever consider not having a pump as we think 
they are wonderfull and it just goes to show, naomi has never had a high bm 
since going on the pump and at this moment she has one of 22, so the pump is 
best for good control.
thanks once again
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