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Re: [IPk] Care?

>I wonder if the highs are at least partially rebounds or overtreatments?
>I am dutifully treating hypos with 15g of detrose, but am wondering if
>this is too much ... often I go from 3 to over 10.  This is with no
>other food.

Pat -

A useful sum:

If you take you carb/insulin ratio. Say, 15g per unit

And your insulin sensitivity. Say 2.5 mmol/L per unit

and put the 2 together, it tells you that

15g glucose raises your bg by 2.5 mmol/L

If you go way higher than that, then it is your own body that is producing
anti-hypo hormones. (Glucagon possibly, adrenaline, noradrenaline, growth
hormone etc. To a certain extent these all decrease your sensitivity to
insulin, and make your bg rise, but this may be very slow, so you should
*always* treat a hypo first with glucose/fast acting carb)

If that doesn't cure the hypo, then whatever was causing it in the first
place is still lowering your bg, and you should treat again as necessary.

If I have had, say, a long mild nighttime hypo, and have a hypo hangover, I
find my insulin requirement may be increased for the next 12 hours. I may
up my basal rate by 50%, and check my bg regularly. That's what works for


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