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Re: [IPk] Noisy chest

Hi Jenny,
I know what you mean. Unfortunately nothign you can do. But I find it useful
when using the remote, as I'm never quite sure if I've bolused successfully,
until I hear that reassuring clicking and know it's OK. It also means I can
check I've bolused the amount I thought I had, by counting the number of

I'm dreading the day when I have an alarming chest  though :-)

> So far I have been wearing my pump in a trouser pocket
> or clipped on my waistband. This morning a student
> came round to my house for tuition and as my trousers
> had no pockets I thought I'd try wearing my pump in my
> bra.
> As we were sitting quietly I was very aware of my pump
> clicking! I know this is supposed to be a "reassuring"
> noise but it can get annoying. I don't suppose there's
> any way of quieting it down is there? It's a 508 by
> the way.
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