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[IPk] Care?

                                            I've noticed over the last
few mails all the time the doctors dont seem to take into account many
peoples lives or whats happening to them now,is it me or does this
qualify for we care for your health but not you,i know there are alot of
exceptions out there any they vary from country to country.I know we were
luckey to get the pump so easy but is this such a good thing if the
people we trust to give us the care and attention we need dont even know
what is best for us .After the last two weeks i am wondering if all my
work was for nothing.Emily went again to see her doctor to have a check
up and he said "Your having too many hypos" that was all and then he said
were going to change your insulin for a little whil! e until your stable
"she is know on veloolin ,i cant spell it",at the time she didnt know
what to say.That night she knew she should have made him listen to what
was going on.She is finishing her degree loads of pressure, loads of
 late nights studing like last night,me changing of job,looking for a job
for herself for the summer and a few other things.On top of all this we
have put aside alot of time for the pump but we'd like to put aside more
but its impossible at the moment in 3 weeks no problem.Now its like being
back on injections high low high low.Last night was the finishing touch
for emily,she got the alarm for a blockage,but we couldnt find anything
wrong ,then another alarm and she begann to panic,it was horrible to see
and hard to control.We ended up ringing the 24 hour helpline and they did
a test it was fine ,the tubing was fine ,it was the inserter.Another
problem is that we had just got another delivery of our stock for the
month and they forgot the resovo! irs for the insulin and emily had
forgotten to collect needles for the backup old injections.It ended up
fine but it took that to make me realise how much stress she was
under.The doctor had in the last month changed her from one regeme to
another ,finally on 4 different basual rates then he says on the next
visit that that is too many,we feel like banging our heads off the wall.I
have never been allowed to go with emily to the doctor ,because she knows
i'll stay for hours debating what to do and why.With the mails i've been
reading i've come accrosss something strange at exactely the saame time
as the weather started suddenly to get fantastic her levels droped,heat
and low glusose levels is something we never thought of.We wernt
complaing though this was the best control she had ever had,now its back
to square one and i dont want to say anything because it might affect her
exams.So for the first time i'm in the subs watching the game.But with
all what has happened lately i'm ! lost,i dont know how she can handle
this.He probally didnt eeven take into acccount her large car accident
two weeks ago which left her with a neck injury.Any word that might lift
her spirits and mine would be very grateful.Thank you so much and keep up
the great work. Yours Sincerely, Paul & Emily(pumper 1 month 508)


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