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Sticky button syndrome was RE: [IPk] THANKS IRIS

HI Carol -

It sounds like the pump has what I now call SBS: Sticky Button Syndrome.
It's happened to my pump (both the original and the replacement) once or
twice. Generally, if you stop pressing the buttons for a few seconds and go
back to it, they return to normal. I know think it has something to do with
heavy, blight-inducing weather (which we've been having in Dublin since last
Wednesday)because it's happened to me twice in the last week.

And I wasn't going to bother ringing the company about it, which is probably
a bit short-term of me. If I don't get it replaced, it will probably go on
the blink on me somewhere bizarre. But now that I've mentioned it on the
list, I'll have to mail my minimed rep.  Blech. I just don't want to go
through the rigmarole of arranging to get a replacement pump and
reprogramming it. But the last time I mentioned SBS on the list, Ray picked
up the mail and mailed Declan (my Minimed rep) and I got a smack on the
wrist mail saying _you have to tell us when this happens!_ because they are
quite anxious to fix it. Just in case it does go on the blink somewhere
bizarre and someone ends up in trouble because of it.

So, it does appear that Minimed has a bit of a problem with the 508. I will
say, however, that my buttons have always worked a minute or thirty seconds
after they stick. You just have to stop pressing the buttons, put your
attention elsewhere, and then try again.

This is a good opportunity for us all to be reminded that we should always
have a back up pen or bottle and syringe with us at all times, just in case
we need it.


Elizabeth OShea
Technical Writer

Tel: +353 (0)1 6041844

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