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Re: [IPk] intravenous insulin

> Di - it was probably in Bernstein that I first read about this. It's
> possible that going direct into the muscle is not significantly slower
> going into a vein, since muscle is packed tight with blood vessels. That's
> why emerency glucagon injections go into muscle as well.

I agree - I don't think there would therefore be a significant advantage in
injecting IV instead of IM. And the benefits of IM injections are less
longterm damage.
But personally I'd rather just wait that extra 10 mins or so for a normal
injection of Humalog to work.

> Would Humalog be absorbed any faster by intramuscular injections, rather
> than Actrapid? Humalog is tweaked only to pass through fat quickly - and I
> don't think there is fat in muscle is there?

I don't think it could work much faster in any case  - Actrapid taken by IM
or IV starts working almost instanteously anyway.

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