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[IPk] Depression

" the pill that works" for you of course, would be the pump, or any other
regime to get you some degree of control over this lousy condition, most of
which, as I remember you've tried already.
I'm sure it's so much easier to blame the poor diabetes control on the
depression, rather than the other way round
Blimey, I was sinking into the depths of despair, and that was without
having even a hint of a complication, just the feeling that this was what
was going to happen if things continued along the same path.
Somehow I knew that I wouldn't get the right kind of help just by adnitting
to feeling despair, so I laughed things off a bit ( Iobviously wasn't
clinically depressed or I wouldn't have been able to do this), while at the
same time acknowledging that something needed to be done.I didn't want some
weel meaning person labelling me as neglecting my diabetes due to depression
and offering me prozac.
I feel that those responsible for your care are latching onto " depression"
as something they can give a pill for, as most of the health care
professionals can't cope with the complexities of diabetes and don't want to
have to get involved in a debate over issues such as funding for "exotic
treatments" such as the pump
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