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Re: [IPk] intravenous insulin


I wasn't clear about what I meant in the sentence you quoted below.  What I
had in mind was the cumulative, long-term tissue damage an injection in one's
vein once or twice a week could cause, but perhaps I underestimate the body's
healing mechanisms.  I suppose it would also make me nervous to have bruises.
I wear short sleeves most of the time; I would hate for people to see bruises
every so often and, rather than assume I'd been to the doctor, suspect heroin
abuse.  That's among the last things any of us needs!  Re infection, I'm
worried that I would have to stick myself repeatedly in about the same spot,
as I am pretty much totally right handed and usually trained  lab techs have
to try four times to find a vein.  With my luck I'd have to try 8 times, and
I'd probably put the needle in just sliiightly too deep each time, leaving my
arm pretty nasty looking and possibly prone to infection.  I hope this post
wasn't too macabre, but I felt I needed to explain.

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>I agree that the tissue damage/infection risks of injecting oneself
>intravenously could be pretty high.

When I have a blood sample taken at the clinic, the doctor or nurse just
sticks the needle in my vein, takes some blood and pulls it out again, and
puts a plaster on it. Yes - skill is involved, but surely it is not
significantly harder than learning to insert an infusion set correctly?Get
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