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[IPk] potassium

sorry I can't  directly answer the question about subcut versus iv insulin
and potassium shift into cells, but I know that this is more of a danger in
DKA than in someone who is undergoing iv treatment due to surgery and is not
ketotic This is probably because total body potassium is depleted in DKA
 insulin deficiency and acidosis causes potassium to leak out of cells, and
then presumabley the fluids lost from the body remove potassium as well)
although initally in dka the patient may have a high potassium. However low
potassium can still be a problem in the patient undergoing surgery
Some of these facts are drummed into us but we often don't query them

I just had a memory of standing at a patient's bedside during a wardround as
a medical student. The patient had just recovered from DKA and was quite a
frequent customer ( not sure whether  she has "difficult diabetes" or just
poor motivation/ social circumstances or whatever)
We ( there were 4 or 5 of us) were asked in turn to give one of the
potentially fatal complications of dka, in front of the now fully conscious
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