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Re: [IPk] intravenous insulin

>I agree that the tissue damage/infection risks of injecting oneself
>intravenously could be pretty high.

When I have a blood sample taken at the clinic, the doctor or nurse just
sticks the needle in my vein, takes some blood and pulls it out again, and
puts a plaster on it. Yes - skill is involved, but surely it is not
significantly harder than learning to insert an infusion set correctly?

That is an equivalent situation, rather than equating it with a long-term

>I wonder, though, if the concentration of
>normal Humalog might not present a bit of a problem too.  Since it's designed
>to go through the subcutaneous layers for a little while--even if for a few
>minutes--would it not perhaps cause a shock to one's system to have it in the
>bloodstream directly?

I don't know - how rapidly do fluids distribute themselves throughout the

>Would 1 unit still lower one's bg by the same amount as
>if injected in the thigh or abdomen, or would it likely act both quicker and
>more effectively?

I believe that when you inject say 20 units of insulin, not all those units
actually get into the blood. Some "degrade" along the way. I think this is
what they mean by the "bioavailability". So yes - it's possible that you'll
need less when going straight into the blood, but maybe not much less.

Di - it was probably in Bernstein that I first read about this. It's
possible that going direct into the muscle is not significantly slower than
going into a vein, since muscle is packed tight with blood vessels. That's
why emerency glucagon injections go into muscle as well. Bernstein also
recommends that long acting insulin is injected in several small doses -
max 7 units he suggests - so that the unpredictability of absorbtion is
averaged out.

Would Humalog be absorbed any faster by intramuscular injections, rather
than Actrapid? Humalog is tweaked only to pass through fat quickly - and I
don't think there is fat in muscle is there?


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