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Re: [IPk] some things the pump can't fix

I know people who routinely use intramuscular injections of Humalog to bring
down high BGs. In fact, I think it's Bernstein who actually recommends it -
I know someone does.
It seems like a good compromise, though personally I'm too squeamish! I gave
my own flu jab once - which has to be into the muscle - and it was horrible
doing it! Then again, the needles for that are much bigger.

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From: "John Neale" <email @ redacted>
> One thing I've often pondered is dropping my bg from, say, 15 to 5 in 10
> minutes by injecting the insulin intravenously into my arm. If you put the
> insulin directly into the bloodstream, it does its job and is gone within
> 10 minutes. That's somewhat different from injecting it into fat from
> it is slowly absorbed.
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