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[IPk] choice. Pay for dialysis or sit at home waiting to die

This is the stark reality faced by one Nigerian family, a member of which I
met today
I was in the launderette. I know the owner quite well and had asked him to
sponsor me for the walk in aid of diabetes UK. We were discussing diabetes
and moaning about the state of the NHS
There was a young Nigerian lady who asked me if I was diabetic. It
transpired that her mother, who is still in Kenya has been diabetic for 25+
years, on insulin for the last 2.Has reached end stage renal failure
obviously due to DM. Stayed at home getting iller and iller for some time
due to the expense of dialysis She and her family literally have to pay for
everything, including her dialysis. If they can't afford it, she dies. What
happens if their money runs out?
She's probably in this situatiion due to suboptimal care, perhaps due to
inadequate monitoring due to financial constraints. Dialysis must be
bankrupting her. The women spoke quite candidly stating how 25 years of DM
had wrecked her mother's body. She then semed concerned that she may have
upset me by reminding me of potential for complications, but I felt guilty
that I had been moaning  about the NHS in front of her. Things are relative
I am not saying sit back and be grateful. If the technology exists then why
is optimum healthcare not available to everyone. The sad thing here is that
whoever is paying, preventing the need for dialysis, at almost any cost,
would have saved money in the long term
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