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[IPk] why have glucose as well ?

Never really considered this in depth I,m afraid. just accepted it as normal
May be that it is better for cells to have some source of fuel especially
during catabolic processes in surgery, infection etc
normally lowest dose on a sliding scale is 0.5 units per hour- may be too
high for some people in fasting state. I',m sure they must use more dilute
solutions to give lower rates in people who are particularly sensitive to

Protocols suggest using saline if BG> 12 or 14 mmol( can't remember exact
figure) and 5% dextrose if below this. 5% is very dilute . The above I'm
sure was written in the assumption that the patient is ill , vomiting,
ketotic etc. Was always taught that iv fluids were the priority in DKA
rather than insulin
not too sure about the rationale behind choices of fluid

Another regime is the Alberti regime which suggests using 10% dex with added
potassium and a set quantity of insulin, checking BG every few hours and if
necessary throwing away the remainder of the bag to add greater or lesser
amounts of insulin. has the advantage that you can't recieve insulin without
dextrose but if it was me recieving it I'd demand a proper sliding scale
with at least hourly BMS
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