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[IPk] intravenous insulin

I think the main issues are: it would be fiddly and messy, infections could
potentially be more unpleasamt and serious (possibly leading to phlebitis),
if done too often it might lead to scarring and fibrosis, and difficulty
with access and probably most importantly, many of the quick acting insulins
aren't for iv use- I think it's the buffers As far as I'm aware actrapid is
the only one- that's what we use for iv sliding scales

There's probably no reason why it couldn't be done, taking care and
consideration of the above. I'm not advising it !!!!! but there are plenty
of complications arising in hospitals from administrationof iv drugs so it
seems that It may be partially a case of doctors being allowed to do things
that other people aren't!!!

It's briefly crossed my mind on some occassions with stubborn highs but I've
never really been tempted.
Your point about it coming and going very rapidly_ I think iv insulin has a
half life of 15 mins.
i would not be worried about going on an iv scale for surgery as long as it
was done properly with adequate monitoring and dextrose as well, as long as
I could go back to my pump as soon as capable of using it, precisley because
of this quick mode of action ie "there when you need it but gone quickly if
you don't"
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