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Re: [IPk] some things the pump can't fix

>I think Pat may have mentioned this once or twice. Here's what I did: I
>dropped my BG from 18 to 2.7 in one hour and fourty minutes through an
>injudicious combination of insulin and exercise

One thing I've often pondered is dropping my bg from, say, 15 to 5 in 10
minutes by injecting the insulin intravenously into my arm. If you put the
insulin directly into the bloodstream, it does its job and is gone within
10 minutes. That's somewhat different from injecting it into fat from where
it is slowly absorbed.

But I hasten to add, I've never done this!

What muddly me managed to do last night was get up at 3am to attend to my
crying 15-month old son. I disconnected my pump, and left it in my bed
while I got him a bottle of milk, then I slumped back into bed and - you've
guessed it - forgot to reconnect. It was 3am after all! I discovered this
at 8am. Bg was 15 and (curiously) no ketones in my urine. I bolussed 6
units, then an extra 3 with a small breakfast. But it took about 4 hours
for everything to come down into normal range, and for my high-bg sullen
moodiness to go.

To knock everything carefully into place with an intravenous injection
might have been convenient. Dunno...

Abi - you must have given plenty of people intravenous injections. Is it
something that you would do to yourself to move your bg quickly without
risk of overshooting? Or would you first need to dissolve it further to
stop anything nasty happening?

Please please please... I've never done this, nor would I do it unless a
doctor authorised it, but I'm just curious to know if it can be done.


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