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[IPk] financial issues

Regarding the cost implications of pumping, remember how many of us are seen
as an oddity for testing Bg 4-7 times a day or more There is a cost
implication in the short term which will obviously save vast sums in the
long, intermediate and even short term and some people have even been denied
this basic necessity by their GPs- cost implication of testing say on
average 5x per day = 3 packs of 50 strips per month. Cost to /NHS of 1 pack
= approx #14. ( if you buy them over the counter as I have done once when I
went away overnight and forgot my sup plies they cost #20). It's why meters
are so cheap the pharmaceutical companies make up profits on strips.
I thimk this may have some bearing on why some people are not given the
encouragement to take care of themselves( being very cynical) The other
reason is that medics Will Not Accept that BG  and  insulin needs can
fluctuate madly even when the patient is "doing everthing right"
I think it was Pat that made a very pertinent comment about medics being in
denial that their patients are in denial
It's why my GP was cynical when I said that I was going to commence pumping
and blamed my poor control on my lifestyle. At least I've not had to fight
over presciptions for strips

Regarding the medscape article about poor diabetes care in practice, they
just handed me my prescriptions and let me attend the hospital clinic twice
a year. Actually my GP has been quite concerned about monitoring for
complications and checking cholesterol. I think if they had dragged me into
their clinic I would not have benefited as few GPS have understanding of
intensified insulin regimes let alone pumping. I was in a very poor state
mentally as I was constantly worry either about loosing my driving licence,
job, and independance due to hypos or about the long term outlook, and I
think that someone with only basic knowledge fretting over this would only
have compounded the problem
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