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nail in foot(sort of DM) was RE: [IPk] Fw: Clinic From Bad To Worse

>I picked a bit of nail off my foot about 2 weeks ago as it was
only small and just as my luck would have it, it became infected

Hi all -

I'm going to take this opportunity to provide unsolicited first aid advice.

It's really important to clean wounds from things like nails because there
is a risk of tetanus. The tetanus bacteria grows in deep punctures where
there isn't any oxygen. One way to help prevent an infection is by washing
the wound thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide, which will help oxygenate the
puncture and prevent the bacteria growth. At a minimum, you should wash the
injury very thoroughly with soap and water and put an antibacterial cream on

Additionally or alternatively, there are two homoepathic remedies for
preventing or treating tetanus and infections in puncture wounds: hypericum
and ledum. If you want to have these on hand in your first aid kit, get the
bottles labeled 30c. You take the remedies alternatively over a period of
hours: begin with one tablet of ledum on a clean tongue. An hour later, take
one hypericum on a clean tonuge. Next hour, a ledum, next hour a hypericum,
and finish with a ledum (for a total of three ledum and two hypericum).  If
you don't have these but you do have some arnica 30, take one of those soon
after the injury (_never_ put arnica _cream_ on an open wound). Whatever you
do, be sure to wash the injury thoroughly.

Dave, I hope your foot heals quickly once they've cleaned it. And do point
out to your doctor why you didn't come to the clinic earlier. It sounds like
he needs to be reminded of the problems that stand in the way of effective
care. I also think that Dave's misfortune is a timely reminder for all of us
that we need to be careful of our feet. I always go around without either
shoes or socks, because I don't have neuropathy and I'm going to enjoy the
feel of the carpet/sand/grass while I can. But I also make a point of having
a look at my feet afterwards, just in case something happened, a small
knick, etc.

Be well, Dave (and the rest of us!)

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