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[IPk] Fw: Clinic From Bad To Worse

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From: "David Sayer" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 9:43 PM
Subject: Clinic From Bad To Worse

> With all this appointment lark going on I forgot to mention that in the
> meantime I picked a bit of nail off my foot about 2 weeks ago as it was
> small and just as my luck would have it, it became infected so I tried to
> get the chiropodist at the clinic I attend to look at it , but they were
> back till Monday which was 4 days away so I went to my local GP waited 2
> hours and given antibiotics, these finished last Sunday and the toe was
> getting to look a funny colour so I bathed it in salt water and applied
> antiseptic cream as I knew I wouldn't get further antibiotics.
>      Anyway I ended up on Wednesday morning at my diabetic clinic seeing
> doctor who I am now not seeing till December, lecturing me on how I should
> have known better than to muck about with my feet and how easy it is to
> a foot, then why didn't I come to the diabetic clinics chiropodist,  I
> thought hard about this
> A) if I had regular appointments
> B) if the clinic had advised of another state chiropodist
> C) if the hospital chiropodists hadn't put me onto the chiropodist clinic
> near my home
> D) if the chiropodist clinic didn't have a phone up appointment system
> an average 4-6 week wait
>      the list could go on but I am afraid to say I left the hospital on
> Wednesday with more antibiotics (apparantly the first lot were not the
> effective I could have been given) and letter to take to A&E where I'll
> to queue for the average 6-8 hours to have my foot cut open and hopefully
> cleaned and all fixed up, and hopefully not opening it up to more
>      I'm glad we have a good health service, I think I will take Johns
> advice although it really goes against the grain because they always right
> back with the usual old bull and at this time they will be more than full
> it.
> A Rather Sore Footed Dave :--(
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