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[IPk] steel cannulas

I personally could not get on with steel as: 1. I did find them a little
uncomfortable ( bearable but with teflon I hardly know they are there)
2, due to the short length and perpendicular insertion I caught them on
clothing and regularly pulled them out
 I'm not sure about the pricing of the ordinary "rapids" ie steel that you
cannot disconnect but with the rapid detachable ( these have a short length
of tubing and a connection that you can "cap off" if you want to go swimming
etc) the cost for 25 as I remember is about #125 ( recommended 50 days
The cost of 10 tubes +cannula and 10 cannulae ( up to 60 days recommended
use) is about #100/ This is approximate as the prices have gone up slightly
. I don't know about minnimed infusion sets

I initially tried the rapids as I was only getting 2 as opposed to3 days
worth with the tenders and thought I might be sensitive to teflon. However,
I seem to be getting my full 3days worth most of the time now , so the
additional cost incurred by accidentally yanking the rapids out and hassle
of having to insert a new set was not worthwhile

By the way I think it's wonderful that pump consumables are at least
partially funded on a routine basis. do you have to pay anything for
insulin, test equipment etc?. I wonder how your health system is funded and
what proportion of GDP is spent on health in Norway

I have to say, as someone training to be a GP myself I find my views
conflict with many of my peers. I would prefer to pay higher taxes for a
greater standard of diabetes care and to know that the best standard of care
(ie pumps) was routinely available to those who could benefit from them
regardless of ability to pay
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