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RE: [IPk] clinic visit

>This isn't strictly true. MP's can pull strings behind the scenes and get
you what you need.

Do MPs in the UK have clinics? In Ireland, TDs (the equivalent) have weekly
clinics in their constituencies, which they attend or their representatives
attend. If you want anything, whether it be a lane blocked up, bettter
health services, or a fast move up the housing list, you go to your TD's
clinic, and if it's urgent (as your situation is) you go to all the clinics
of all the representatives for your area. Find out if your MPs have clinics.
If they do, you should go at least once and go or ring at least once every
month or two to remind them of your plight. If they don't have clinics,
write to them and then follow up with phone calls. Believe me, if the
hospital starts getting calls from the MPs staff, something will be done.

It's absolutely horrible to have to do, but I know that most of what I've
got I've gotten by being persistent and 'unreasonable', particularly in
terms of medical care and, to a much lesser extent, education. If you lobby
and hassle enough, you can generally make the system work for you - that's
how I got my pump!

but you can call me 'strident' for short
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