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Re: [IPk] clinic visit

>     I said who do I complain to but he pointed out with all the hospital
>red tape it would eventually end up with the complaint on his desk and then
>he would have to reply to the health authority as to why it was cancelled
>and the whole cycle of not enough funds, staff etc and it would take up
>literally more of his time.

David - that's absolutely disgraceful! You write to everyone in sight. Your
MP c/o House of Commons. Department of Health, Whitehall, London. Prime
Minister, 10 Downing Street. Local press. Your GP. Your Health Authority.
Your clinic has allowed itself to get so disorganised, and somebody
somewhere has accepted funding cuts, that are resulting in you being denied
appropriate medical care. Don't accept that. Fight! If your doctor has to
"waste time" explaining that he has insufficient resources to fund your
care, then that he must jolly well do!

>     He said I should complain to my m.p. but I feel whatever m.p. I choose
>to write to they will all say that their party will change all that, which
>we all know is total **** .

This isn't strictly true. MP's can pull strings behind the scenes and get
you what you need.

Good luck...


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