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Re: [IPk] things people don't like about their pumps

>I am beginning to wonder about my training - first, John's post: isn't
>there a certain unpredictability about how much is needed to prime,
>which results in you sometimes getting a bit of insulin, and sometimes

Are we talking about different things Pat?

I'm talking about refilling the insulin cartridge, with a new
Tender/Silhouette + tubing. I flick bubbles out of the cartridge, screw the
tubing on, push the plunger in till insulin dribbles out of the connector
at the far end of the tubing. Then I put the cartridge in the pump, push
the drive arm against the plunger till a bit more insulin comes out of the
tubing, then turn the arm so it locks into place. Then I bolus maybe 2
units, and watch for insulin dribbling out of the connector. Whilst this is
happening, I insert the Tender in me, and remove in the insertion needle.
At this point the Tender is empty and requires exactly 0.7 units of insulin
to fill it. So I then connect up, and bolus 0.7 - or whatever I feel I need.

With SofSets it's a bit different I seem to remember.


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