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Re: [IPk] things people don't like about their pumps

> I am beginning to wonder about my training - first, John's post: isn't
> there a certain unpredictability about how much is needed to prime,
> which results in you sometimes getting a bit of insulin, and sometimes
> not?  

Well you can always check that after 1 unit there is insulin coming out. I do
that however many units i prime.

> On the 'go and do something for 5 mins' business - my life too is full
> of stuff for five mins - from ironing to reading - but I was taught to
> keep as clean as possible (I feel a bit guilty even for touching my
> stomach to remind myself where the hole is in the underneath piece of
> sticky film). 

Well as long as you don't touch the bit of the needle that's actually going to
go into you, or the bit of you it's going to go into, I don't see what the
problem is.  If you had germ-infested hands, and you touched the tubing,
or the pump, it wouldn't matter.
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