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Re: [IPk] clinic visit

Hi Abigal,

     Just thought I'd say how lucky (yes lucky) you are at least you got an
appointment, I've just had mine cancelled and re-scheduelled for Dec 27,
that will make it a grand total of 12 months and 2 weeks without seeing my
     I phoned him the next day to explain my concerns as I do get on with
him well and I felt I really needed some explanation as to why with all the
complications I have as to why it was going to be another 7 months totalling
12 since seeing a specialist, he was honest and did say that he was on
holiday at that time and as I already knew he is the only diabetes
specialist at the hospital and he has 10,000 patients, it was the next
available appointment.
     He explained after I moaned that I could still have my HbA1c done as
often as I required and that I could always phone or e-mail him but I
pointed out that this was not good enough and that I deserved the treatment
that I needed, he was really apologetic and said he was still battling to
get another consultant on the team but I've heard all this before.
     I said who do I complain to but he pointed out with all the hospital
red tape it would eventually end up with the complaint on his desk and then
he would have to reply to the health authority as to why it was cancelled
and the whole cycle of not enough funds, staff etc and it would take up
literally more of his time.
     He said I should complain to my m.p. but I feel whatever m.p. I choose
to write to they will all say that their party will change all that, which
we all know is total **** .
     I actually feel the first time in 26 years of diabetes the system is
starting to fail me, God only knows what the future holds, but I feel why
bother testing my bg 10 times a day and watching what and when I eat, I know
its for my own health but.......OH IT REALLY MAKES ME BLOODY ANGRY

Best Regards

Fed Up Dave :--(
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