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[IPk] annoying colleagues

A well meaning midwife has been really irritating me. I felt a bit low last
time I was on call and grabbed a couple of chocolates from the kitchen to
have with my glucose tablets. All I got from her was " are your insulin
levels still up the creek" and advice to go and see the consultant (who
before I went on the pump told me they aren't very good and advised me to
stop altering my dose as frequently despite the fact that I had frequent BGs
in the teens, and who has stopped running the diabetic clinics)
I'd had a conversation 2 months ago with her as I was feeling off colour due
to high BGs at the time and she had advised me to go and see this idiot who
would probabley have told me not to test my blood glucose levels as
These people drive me up the wall despite the fact that its out of pure
concern. It's just this gullible attitude that if you take x units at such a
time and eat a healthy meal ( avoiding any trace of sugar of course) at this
time, and check your blood glucose once a month and do everything the doctor
tells you , your levels will always stay between 4 and 7. Oh and of course,
if you have a hypo at 11.45 am it's probabley because you got up at 7 am ,
took insulin and didn't bother to eat anything since

I'm sorry for ranting, I'm extremely irritable and also cross at myself
because if I had listened to my body I probably would have treated a BG of
3.5 rather than 2.4, and would then be feeling a lot better
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