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Re: [IPk] Next chat room meeting

A few of people have asked me what a chat room is, and how you use it, so I
thought I'd just give a quick intro:

* You've got to be online to use a chat room

* You need no special software. The whole thing is done with your web browser.

* You go to a special web page (follow the "chat rooms" link in the
"Discussion" section at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk)

* You sign in with your email address and the password "pumper"

* The web page that comes up will show you who else is signed in at that
moment, and your name will come up on everyone elses screen.

* There is a big box on your screen for typing in a short message. You then
click the send button, and your message appears on everyone else's screen.

* If anyone wants to reply, they type something on their screen, and hit
the send button, and everyone sees the reply.

* That's why it's called a chat room - it's public quickfire conversation.

* Things tend to be quite light hearted - disorganised even :-) But it is
recorded, so you can look back over it later.

We're having a chat tomorrow night - Wed 23 May, 8pm UK time. If anyone
wants to try it out, it will be great to see you.


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