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Re: [IPk] things people don't like about their pumps

> What I've found is that as I turn the lever into the lock position, I can
> also push it gently forward against the cartridge plunger, and push out a
> small amount of insulin from the end of the tubing - if that makes sense.
> When I do this, I need to bolus no more than 1 unit to take up the slack in
> the system.
> John

I do that too, but I generally need between 3-4 units prime even so. But i just
go and do something else while it's priming. Get dressed, if it's in the
morning. Make a cup of tea. Whatever. I have a large stack of 5-minute jobs
that always need doing!

As for the clip/refill problem, Pat, you don't need the marks uppermost. I used
to do that, so that I could tell more easily when it was getting empty, but
that was before I had the 508 which tells me how much insulin is left.
You can have the reservoir any way up you like. I don't bother looking at it. 
I recently invested in a lamp for my dressing table though. I can now see to do
my hair and makeup, which makes a big difference :-) Thebiggest problem I ave
is tellig when the insulin is coming out of the needle when I'm priming. I test
it on my finger, but I can't always feel the drop of insulin unless I wipe my
finger on my face or something!
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