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Re: [IPk] things people don't like about their pumps

>It's a case of which is more hassle: struggling to see in the shadow,
>the one-off effort of getting a lamp, or the moments added to the
>routine by taking the clip off (just off - putting in on is an activity
>for the tedium of the 5 unit prime).

(This is a MiniMed only comment, as I think the Disetronic does it an
entirely different way...)

What I've found is that as I turn the lever into the lock position, I can
also push it gently forward against the cartridge plunger, and push out a
small amount of insulin from the end of the tubing - if that makes sense.
When I do this, I need to bolus no more than 1 unit to take up the slack in
the system.

And during that 1 unit prime, I insert my infusion set.


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