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[IPk] Problem with remote / What Pat wants

>The audio bolus is only available in .5 or 1 unit measures, so you wouldn't
>have bolused .3 units anyway - you would have bolused 1.5 or 3 units. So
>it's good it didn't work! There's a place where you can set this in setup
>II -audio bolus. I don't remember what the default is.
Thanks - I've found it.  I tried changing the audio bolus to on, and
then setting the rate (I'd left it on the default, but then I changed
it, and cycled through it in the vain hope that there was a 0.1 unit
increment hiding there - why _is_ it not possible to set the bolus to
0.1 unit?  Or whatever we want?)  And now it works!!!

The instructions are, I think, very inadequate.  They need to take you
through doing the audio bolus thing, including changing the rates off
the default and back on (if necessary).

OK, add to the TOP of the things that need changing with the pump is the
increments for the remote! I can't be the only person who is this
sensitive to insulin, surely. (Whinging here from a woman who two months
ago had a choice between 'one and two' units, so a choice between 'one,
one point five, and two' should be an improvement!! But hey, I want

I am rather annoyed that
a) I wasn't warned by the pump nurse that a push on the remote is ten
times a push on the pump.  I _was_ checking the screen to see if
anything had happened, and I _was_ listening for clicks.  But if I'd
been distracted, I could have been caught out.
b) the book has absolutely no mention of this, or instructions on how to
set it up where it needs to (it does say the audio bolus must be set on,
but doesn't tell you how to do this, and I thought mine was set on,
because it goes 'beep' at the end of a bolus.  Obviously not. I do hope
that 'audio bolus' doesn't mean even more noise while bolusing. 
c) the page on audio boluses (63) clearly shows a 0.6 delivery -
something you can't do with an audio bolus. 

I'm going to see if I can cope with 0.5 increments, but I may have to go
out and buy skirts and blouses to replace my summer frocks and
conventional suits to replace my tunic suits.  I'm a 36A, so it's not
going to fit in my bra.

My electronics friend would love the chance to change it so it gives 0.1
increases. He's itching to do 'something better for me than that crappy
12v technology - we stopped using it for cars years ago'. He argues, on
the basis that I wouldn't accept the technology for my Roller (ha! I'm a
local government officer), why should I accept it for my body?

Best wishes,


DM30+, 508 1m+, remote for a single bolus of 0.5
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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